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          Cinnamon series
          Pharmaceutical intermediates
          Ester series
          HONOR Services
          ABOUT US
          Nanchang Xinggan Sci-Tech Industry Co., Limited.

                  Nanchang Xinggan Sci-tech Industrial Co., Ltd.was established in 1996, it is locate at Wenzhen town where about 40 kilometers away from Nanchang city.
                  We concentrate at research and production of fine chemical and medical intermediate. We are a collection of scientific research, production, trade as one integrated enterprise.
                  We have been granted ISO 9001:2008 certification. We annually produce 15,000 MT benzyl alcohol, 8000MT benzaldehyde , In which also extended in producing more than hundreds of cinnamon series. Surely Our company has advanced technology, excellent quality. As one of the leading company in the domestic industry. Welcome new-old customers negotiate with us and establish win-win business!

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